Welcome to LinkedPaed, a free interactive networking site that was developed by a paediatrician with the simple vision of  connecting paediatric healthcare workers and paediatric healthcare service providers globally to ensure excellence in paediatric care worldwide.

While many of you are familiar with social networking sites such as Facebook,Twitter and WhatsApp, LinkedPaed  is unique in that it is specific for the paediatric healthcare community, while at the same time enabling one to create specific platforms or groups for your particular interest, subspeciality or department.

LinkedPaed is simple to use, and has various tools  (e.g. "Messaging" to friends registered on LinkedPaed, Posts, Polling, Event Manager, and site announcements) that will enable users to communicate and be informed. Please note that to send videos, images and other file formats such as PDF, please click the "Embed content" button above the main text frame in the messaging and blog post sections of the site, to upload the files from your device. Please note that file size may not exceed 512 MB.

LinkedPaed was developed for you the user and is secure. The security of the site must be maintained by ensuring that  Secure  I  https://linkedpaed.com or Secure  I  https://www.linkedpaed.com is reflected in your browser at the top of the webpage. Please ensure that  the privacy and confidentiality rules are adhered to when posting information on this site. 

It's easy to access and get started. Just simply google linkedpaed, or enter https://www.linkedpaed.com or https://linkedpaed.com in your browser or you can invite friends or colleagues by entering their email address in the "invite friends" section. To invite friends, please click on "My Account", then look for the "Friends" tab and click on this, then click on the "Invite friends" tab. 

Please ensure that you go to "Settings" to adjust your settings according to your preferences and please go to "My Profile" to upload a profile picture (called an "Avatar" in LinkedPaed) if you so wish.

If you have any complaints, issues or suggestions about LinkedPaed, please e mail info@linkedpaed.com.


Best wishes

LinkedPaed Team